Friday, February 4, 2011

Dottie has Company

Dottie is busy so I thought I would jump on the keyboard while she isn't looking.  I think this computer stuff is kinda cool for a dog!

I HAVE to tell you about my day!  Today, my foster mom let some other dog in the house!  I jumped up on mom's lap and told her I didn't want a sister and she said that 'Jessie' was only here for the day and for me to play nice with her.  Something about boarding?  

I don't know about this Jessie dog.  I mean......she came with her own blanket, toy, water and food.  That sounds like she's thinking about camping out here don't you think?  

 And now that 'other' dog is putting my toys on her bed.  I don't really play with my toys but hey....those are MY toys!!  Mom has even been taking us outside at the same time.  Jessie, like me,  seems very interested in those birds in my backyard.  Mom says it's because I am an English Cocker Spaniel and a member of the AKC Sporting Group and that Jessie, is a Beagle from the AKC Hound Group.  Soooooo.....I guess we have something in common cuz we both like to hunt.  

HEY wait a minute Jessie!!  Where you goin?!?!?   Well I guess my foster mom wasn't kidding that she was only staying for the day!   That was kinda fun!  Maybe she will come back and we can play.  

Gotta trot off, here comes mom!  Happy Paws!!


  1. Very, very cute post! I often wonder what dogs think (and what cats think) when another furry one enters their home even for a few hours because the same thing that happened to Dottie happens to our 3 pets often. In our case, our guest is either a basset hound, a Yorkie, or any other dog who needs pet sitting and our pets are used to it.
    How cute that Dottie didn't want to see her pal leave the house for good! How wonderful of you to house a furry one for awhile!

  2. What a beautiful dog you are and so good to play nice with the company.

    Are you sure you are a foster dog and not a member of the family?

  3. Company is always fun. Just as long as they don't stay to long.LOL

  4. Oh gosh Gail....don't say that!! Am already worried about becoming a foster failure and just adopting her!!! But have fostered sooo many dogs and do get attached but if I adopted them I wouldn't be able to be a foster home for another. Soooo.......

  5. I've noticed that lately you seem so happy. It's really nice seeing you having these beautiful dogs in your life even though you only have them for a short time.

    Your post is cute too. You're doing a great job. JB

  6. Oh dear Julia! Didn't think it would show up in my writing!! I do have a tendency to get a bit down and overwhelmed taking care of my dad. I never fully grieved over losing mom five years ago because I had to step right in to look after dad. Sometimes with all his meds, diabetes, heart problems and short-term, memory loss, it is easy for me to slip into a bit of feeling sorry for myself! It's pretty hard for me to have a life of my own. Dottie is something that I am doing for myself, ME! And even though she is a challenge (not housebroken) it feels good to get involved with something that I want to do, something I love. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!!!

  7. Hi! I stumbled across your blog and had to add you after this adorable post.

  8. Well, Dottie is a much better hostess than my Millie. I am so happy you and Dottie have found each other - for at least awhile.
    PS. Has it warmed up yet?

  9. Dottie - So happy you had a great day with your play date after your initial "get to know" each other! Sounds like yhou have a great foster Mom that wants to give you lots of toys and friends!

  10. Karen ~
    I agree with Julia! I am so glad you got your writing mojo back. I always look forward to reading your posts.
    There is a special place in heaven for you (and Kim from Millie's Mats). I cannot imagine how difficult it is so deal with your dad 24/7. I know how hard it was with my mom and I was not the primary care giver. I am so glad you got Dottie for "you". She is a cutie. Good luck with the housebreaking!
    Hugs :)


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