Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice is for the Birds!'s me Dottie!  I'm checking out my foster mom's computer while she's not looking. 

Another day in the Valley of the Sun.....but hey what's this thing in my new backyard??

I heard my foster mom tell her dad that the water fountain was full of ice!  I wonder what 'ice' is???  I don't think they have this kind of 'ice' in California?  I better check it out.

Oh wow....that's cold!  
So.....that's what ice is. 

That explains why I saw those birds walking on the water this morning, boy I bet they were sure surprised when they couldn't take a bath in there!

OOOOOPS  I better go, I hear my foster mom coming.  Shhhh don't tell her I was on here ok!


  1. Hi Dottie,
    Looks like you are fitting in nicely. Already snooping around the yard and stealing some time on the computer! I hope the ice melts so you can drink from the fountain soon.

  2. Hi Dottie ~
    I don't think you are supposed to have ice in your part of Arizona! Is that a trick your foster mom is playing on you?
    Hugs from the pugs :)


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