Friday, February 25, 2011

The Gallows

No western movie was ever complete without some sort of scene depicting retribution for crimes and wrong-doings.  

If he didn't meet his demise in a gunfight, often the bad guy ended up in jail and was sent to the gallows to be 'strung up' for his loathsome deeds.

This Gallows, now on site at the Superstition Mountain Museum, was used in many movies at it's old location, Apacheland Movie Ranch. 

One of the more notable movies this structure got a work out in was the film "Gambler II, the Story Continues," in which Kenny Rogers starred.


  1. Nice pictures! The weather looks great!

  2. What a cool trip you’ve had there. I love things like this. My dad was a big western lover--he would really enjoy Superstition Mountain.

  3. My husband used to be a big fan of western movies and he called them Old dusters. We seldom watch any kind of movies anymore.
    I think that I'd rather be there than here. There is no signs of snow there. JB

  4. Julia....funny you should mention snow. Apparently there is a 'chance' of snow in the valley tomorrow!!! Very unusual weather we are having here!


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