Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mr. Fix It Arrives Back Home

Despite some serious storms here in Arizona and an extremely bumpy flight, Mr. Fix It landed safely in Indiana last night. 

He was sad to leave but glad to get back and see his grandaughter.

From the looks of the picture, I can't tell who was more excited!   
Don't they look alike!

 I think Lacie really liked the tee shirt Grandpa brought back for her!

Apparently she likes the jacket he brought her also because she got mad at her mommy when she tried to take it off! 

What a cutie!



  1. Oh she's cuter than a bugs ear! That must mean so is Grandpa! He looks so proud!
    Glad he arrived back home safe and sound! You must miss him already!
    Cathy G

  2. She is always smiling...I'm so glad of that!

  3. Such a sweet little girl. They really do look alike.

  4. Karen ~
    What a cutie pie! Too bad Mr. Fix-it had to go home. I hope he can visit again soon.
    How's Dottie doing?
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Lauren...he'd like to come back in March but the tickets are just too much.

    Thanks everyone for all the comments on the little cutie pie....even though she's not my real granddaughter, I love her like she is. She is such a bright spot in the world. Only a year and a half old and is learning sign language!!! Can sign 'more', 'love' and several other words! Oh....she's not deaf, her real grandmother is teaching her to sign.


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