Tuesday, October 19, 2010



I have started rug hooking again and it feels great.  I picked out one of my patterns to start with, for those of you wondering which one......the sunflower.

 Am trying to get used to hooking on my new frame and it seems to be some what of a challenge.  Overall, I like it.  I like how the canvas stretches and holds in place better than in a quilting frame.  I like how it sits on my lap and I have both hands free.  

A couple of things I think I don't like.  The grippers do scratch your arms and the frame is a bit more clumsy than the quilt hoop.  I can turn a hoop around much easier than the frame.

I may be doing some reverse hooking with the color I lined the sunflower petals in and go all yellow.  Not sure yet.

What do you think?


  1. I like your sunflower and the colors so far! After you hook awhile on a frame you probably will never go back to a hoop. They have pads to protect your arms that fit over the hooking, but I move my pattern around so much while hooking they don't work for me. I cut off the toes of a couple of old pairs of thick cotton socks and slip them on my hooking arm. Looks goofy but then when have I ever cared about that!!
    Hope you keep us posted on your progress!
    Cathy G

  2. Karen ~
    I think Cathy is correct about the hooking frame. To be honest, I've never used a hoop, but I like how a frame can keep the fabric so taut. I get very creative in turning the frame because for whatever reason, I hate to reposition. Frames can be hazardous. I have bled on more than one occasion :)
    As much as I HATE reverse hooking, at this point I'd say to change the outline to gold, though it may be okay depending on your background.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. I am glad you got back into it. I think you will continue to get used to the new frame. It took me a little while to stop poking myself. I think the sunflower looks great. I think I would do some background around a petal or two before I un hooked anything. I think you will like it. I haven't hooked in a while. I don't know why. Maybe tonight.

  4. Thanks Lisa! I haven't 'un'hooked anything yet so we shall see! Have got to decide on the background, I'm one of those that flies by the seat of my pants when I don't have a colored pattern to go from!!

  5. Karen I have just started hooking. Well, I started last Feb, fizzled out and am starting again. I just can't get the pattern tight in the frame to pull the loops. Drives me nuts. I will probably get it figured out. Love your sunflower. Where do you find the smaller patterns? I think I would do better to start with something smaller. There are so many rug hooking places on the web, it's overwhelming. Did you draw your pattern?


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