Sunday, October 3, 2010


Made it back to Gold Canyon, Arizona yesterday, safe and sound.  Had a good flight, small amount of turbulence, but overall good.  This time it seems like the trip was a bit harder on dad.  He seemed a little more uncomfortable on the four hour flight.   But flying is so much easier than the 27 hour drive that my brother endures to drive dads vehicle all the way from Indiana to Arizona so that we have a way to get around during the winter. 

Although hard to leave home and family, it was genuinely good to get back.  We left rain and 56 degree weather behind and flew into 106 and sunny.  My cozy little house was cool and welcoming inside.  Last evening we sat out on the carport and watched a storm blowing up from the Southeast.  The wind was wild and taking a lot of desert sand with it and producing lightening but only a few drops of rain.  I wished I had my camera to take shots as it was beautiful to watch.  Alas.....the camera was still packed away.  

Today was time to get busy though and I also found my camera.  

Although our lot is small, there is always yard work to do when I get back. 

There are two wonderful shade trees behind the house that create a lot of debris and mess, however I wouldn't trade them for the world for the shade and privacy they give!  

But boy are they messy!!!  

As you can see, they drop these dried up, crunchy, pods. 

They are not easy to clean up either because the yard under them is gravel, not grass of course.  

It takes a good hi-powered blower to get them in a pile so you can pick them up.  Even then, they manage to worm their way down amongst the rocks trying to avoid detection!!

The water fountain is bone dry too and full of the crackly little pods.

I noticed several little birds flitting around as I was cleaning it.  I'm sure they are just waiting for it to be filled with life-giving water.   

I even saw five huge flickers, land in the trees and screech out a shout.  I'm sure they are passing the word that water will appear here soon.

Will have to watch for coyotes as we were told they had been gnawing on people hoses this summer trying to get a precious drink.

I managed to get about half the yard done today and can see the rocks that were hidden under the mess.

Got the fountain cleaned out and fresh water running as well. 

 Tomorrow, onto the next half!


  1. Glad you had a safe'll have the place straightened up before you know it!

  2. I am so glad you both made it safely. I am glad you are enjoying the heat and sunshine. We have had rain for two days now. Just a slow drizzle. Just what we have needed. I am excited. I started to get bumbed out cuz I am starting my vacation and it is raining alllll day. I got to thinking that I really didn't want to spend tooo much time outside working in the flower beds getting them ready for winter. So I guess that the rain is a double blessing. lol, Now it is off to my new project.

  3. Thanks Lisa! I always rug hook out here in the winter. Never have time at home so I am excited to start a new project. I left my flower bed untouched. Maybe you can run over there and do them for me???????

  4. Karen ~
    I'm so glad you and Dad made it safe and sound. Hopefully Dad has recovered from the trip.
    I am anxious to see what you are going to hook!
    You would have hated today's weather in northern Ohio this weekend. We got some much needed rain ~ lots of it, but it is also cold and windy. Needless to say, I did not attend the outdoor fall festival that I was looking forward to. Call me a wuss!
    Hugs :)

  5. The place looks lovely! I'm so jealous. We're battening down the hatches here for winter. Always hard to do since we can easily go from 0 to 70 during winter months with virtually no warning. Really tough to keep the greenhouse temps leveled.

    BTW, HOW do I link my blog(s) to yours?

  6. Babs...first bring up my blog and copy the address, then on your blog home page, go to the right hand corner and click on design. On the design page go down to where it says my blog list and click on it. It opens up to a separate window titled Configure Blog list. Go down the page to where it says add to list and click on that. another window pops up that says Add to Blog list. Copy my blog into where it tells you to and click on add. I believe that window closes, takes you back to the Configure page. At the bottom of the Conf page, click on save. That's it.

    Do you get an email when people leave you a comment? Did you see the comment I made on your last posting??

    Hate to make anyone jealous but it IS nice out here, the weather is just perfect!

    Thanks for reading my blog!!


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