Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just got back from dropping my youngest brother off at the airport.  He's not really a baby anymore, (somewhere in the area of 50 yrs old, give or take a few!!!) but to me he will always be my 'baby' brother.  

Obviously this is not a good picture of him, but it does show his good side!

All kidding aside, I'm so grateful to Kurt for driving dad's truck out here to Arizona every year so dad and I have transportation over the winter.  He always stays long enough to help me open the house and fix anything that might have gone astray over the winter.  Fortunately not much needed fixing this year.

His biggest chore was fixing a loose gutter and getting a great deal on a ladder to do so.  I've needed a ladder for some time but just never 'bit' the bullet to purchase one.  He managed to locate a used, multi-function ladder for sale right here in our community, Montesa.  It can be used as a step ladder or fold out to reach 17 feet.  It will come in quite handy for me when I decide to finish painting the kitchen walls.  The ceilings are peaked and I could never paint higher than I could reach standing on a chair! 

He also helped me clean up debris in the back yard and thanks to him, I am almost done with it and can start trimming the purple sage on the side of the house.  

It's looking a bit shaggy.

Anyway, thanks baby're the best!!!!


  1. Karen ~
    So glad your brother brought you some wheels. No fun being without them. Even if you have no place to go, knowing you can't get there is depressing!
    Get hookin',
    Hugs :)

  2. I just hate to see him go. He loves it here and is miserable back in Indiana. Of course he will be back to drive the truck home, but I am hoping he can come in the middle of winter too.
    Keep an eye on me, I'm getting closer to hooking every day. I just bought a floor lamp with a reading lamp attached. Will put it next to my chair and be able to see even better. It's not an Ott light but that's on my wish list for some day!

    Thanks for thinking of me!!!!!


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