Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is George..... before being groomed!

George was my grooming job for today.  I am starting to get pretty busy now as lots of 'snowbirds' have returned to Arizona for the winter.  In fact, I have 5 dogs booked and one cat's nails to trim over the next couple of days.  

Back to George......he is such a cutie.  However, he is NOT fond of being groomed and absolutely hates his nails being trimmed.  It's difficult for me to admit but I have to muzzle George to get his nails cut because he WILL bite me.  In twenty some years of grooming I can attest to only having been bitten once and that time was my fault because I wasn't paying attention to the signs!  Mind you, I've groomed all kinds of dogs as well as boarded some of the freakiest, meanest, biggest dogs there were and was only bit once.  
That's pretty good.  

I actually had to break down and buy a muzzle just for George.  His owners know it.  They know his quirks first hand, though not bitten thankfully, they too know he will!  Poor George even had to be de-barked or he was going to be kicked out of their summer park.  George is a rescued dog so who knows what his previous life entailed and why he dislikes grooming so much.  One can only imagine. 

I got him done today without incident thanks to the dreaded muzzling but when I tried to take a finished picture, he turned his back to me.  Hmmmm....wonder what he was saying!!!

I bet he's thinking he would like to give me the 'furry paw'!!!


  1. Poor George! I'm glad you know how to deal with him so neither of you get hurt. He is a cutie.
    Hugs :)

  2. He's looking cute even from the back side.

  3. I didn't realize that you are a groomer. Do you do it in your home since you have to take care of your dad. Larry and I have been doing our dogs grooming except for the nails. Larry takes them to the groomer for those. They all really hate to get their nails cut. How is the sunflower coming along? Do you have a next rug in mind yet? Hope you have a good night. Lisa

  4. Yep I groom, dogs and yards! Have owned a lawn care service for 6 or 7 years now. Had to pretty much give that business over to my SO partner since dad came to live with us full time this summer.

    As far as the grooming, I bathe them in my bathroom but groom them in the attached shed room next to the house. That way, I can work at home and dad enjoys seeing all the different dogs and people come in. Funny....he just asked me a little bit ago if 'we' have any dogs to do tomorrow!!! Cut nails on a very unhappy kitty today too!! I can't say I know or have ever known any dog or cat the 'loves' to have their nails done!

    The hooking is done on the sunflower, just have to finish the edges. Have already started another mat, the one with the flowers.

  5. Karen, you are a brave woman! I really would be a big chicken about being bitten....pardon the rhyme. That is one floofy white pupper in the bottom picture!

  6. Gail.....I can say it was no fun being bitten but it was a small bite! It was a Sheltie that I had in my arms when her papa came into to pick her up. She started wiggling but I didn't want to drop her so she just nipped my chin! She was trying to tell me she didn't care if I dropped her she just wanted DOWN!


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