Sunday, November 21, 2010


It was a windy, gloomy and cold day here in Gold Canyon.  Okay..... cold to dad and me because we are used to 80's and 90's!  I don't know if it even made it to 70 today.  

The weather however, gave me an opportunity to finish my second rug hooking project of this season.  

I turned this 8" x 10" pattern by Sharon Perry, into a pillow.  The backing and front border material are denim.  I wasn't sure about using denim at first but, wow, I love it.  It goes so well with the monochromatic blues I used.  

I will list if for sale in my Etsy shoppe in the next couple of days!


  1. It looks great. How can you part with it?

  2. Your pillow is gorgeous. I love the those beautiful restful colors. If you sell it you can always make another one for yourself. That's what so nice about making thing yourself. JB

  3. Love it. Did you hand stitch the hooked part to the denim or did you use a machine?

  4. Well, it's not like I sell many of my hookings! I NEED to so I can buy more patterns and wool, it's so addicting. I have a couple that I have kept and won't list, but Julia is right, I can always make another. The blue pillow is just not my colors, and I've never even done anything like that before but it was fun. The one that will be hard to part with is the sunflower pillow!!

    Kim....I used a machine to stitch the denim to the rug. See the white line border around it? I had to go back and stitch that in because I couldn't sew close enough to the edge.

  5. Karen ~
    Sweet finish!
    It was a gorgeous day here on Ohio's north coast! When I talked with my Las Vegas son this evening, I was surprised to hear him say that our weather was better than his. Woo hoo. Too bad it won't last. They are saying by Thursday we will be 40 degrees for a high. Not my kind of weather but it will only get!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dad!
    Hugs :)

  6. Hi Karen,
    We are in the middle of some pretty bad weather here in WI. Snow, ice and tonight's temps are in the teens. My internet was down for awhile.
    Love how the pillow turned out......I need to sell some of my rugs too but I sure hate to part with them. Seems like I never make more than one of each design.
    Cathy G


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