Saturday, November 20, 2010

What AM I waiting for????

It's been out there in the same spot every day for exactly the last seven days.  Never moving, goading, daring me everyday as I step outside onto the patio, the demon is there.  It lies in wait, taunting me as I make my way past it.

"What are you waiting for,"  it seems be saying to me, you can take me on today."

"Yeah, I know,"  I say to myself,   " but it doesn't feel right, not today."  And besides, I've got lots of things to do right now.  Honestly though, more than the thought of the beast beating me, I think I'm afraid of someone seeing me fail.  So again, I shuffle past the monster, loosing just a bit more confidence and self esteem and thinking,   "Tomorrow, I will do it tomorrow!"

Thing is, I asked for it.  I've wanted a bike for two years now.  I want to tool around the neighborhood, feel the breeze in my hair and enjoy the scenery.   Heck, even this past winter the Orthopedic Doc recommended riding a bike for my problem Achilles heel.  Well, he suggested a stationary bike but that's boring, right!  

Last Saturday we had a community patio sale.  I had made a vague mention to one of my neighbors that I wanted a bike and if she saw anything, let me know.  A few hours later, she came strolling up to the patio with the purple and green monster in tow.  It was a bargain, only twenty-five dollars for a ten speed.  What!  A ten speed, I only want one speed......very slow!  

It needed a bit of work, the tires were good but flat and the chain was rusty.    No problem my neighbor's husband said, he  would come by and blow up the tires and oil the chain.  "That would be great",  I said, all the while thinking, what have I done!   

I'm a tough farm girl who's not afraid of anything.  I've been thrown off, bitten, and kicked by more horses than I care to remember.  Two summers ago, while riding, my horse decided to rear and I realized he was going over backward with me on if I didn't do something.  I let go, slid off over the back of the saddle landing on my back and hitting my head.  He came thudding down on the ground beside me.  I was lucky. I ended up with only a nasty bruise on the top of my thigh where I think his hoof may have caught me.  To this day, I still have and probably will always have a lump the size of a fifty cent piece on my thigh.  But that doesn't stop me from riding.  

I've even survived a total knee replacement and the grueling pain that goes with it.  Yet, here I am looking at this monster called a bike and I admit I am afraid.   I think I would rather fall off a horse.  It's farther to the ground and at least I have time to instinctively go limp, whereas with a bike, you're down fast.  No reaction time.

Of course, at 57 years of age, I'm not getting any younger, and probably don't heal as well anymore.  But come on, a bike!  Am a I really going to let a little ole bike get the best of me?  

For heavens sake......I'm not afraid of anything!  

Ummmm......well, I am afraid of snakes and worms and bugs.  Oh, and scary movies, and maybe things that go bump in the night, and .............purple and green monsters that resemble bicycles...........

Oh well....... never mind.......I AM a wimp!



  1. That is too funny. Remember the Nike slogan "just Do It". I have wanted a bike the last few years but we have a helmet law and I look stupid in a helmet so that is my excuse. Lame eh!

  2. The minute you feel the wind blowing through your hair all your anxiety will be gone! Just make sure your brakes work!! Enjoy your new ride!
    Cathy G

  3. It is just like ridding a bike ha. Really you will wonder why you waited so lone go take a ride.

  4. I love bike riding but no longer do it. The hills have grown taller in my old age.

    All my roads are gravel and it takes much effort to of these days, though, I am going to do it again.

    Until then my fading bike waits patiently.

  5. OH just go for it. Life is short. I agree, once the wind blows your hair back it will take all your worries with it. I did like the comment on the brakes. I agree those are important. You could just go to the end of the street and if you don't like it just come back. No serious commitment. right? Have fun.

  6. Karen ~
    Cute post. I have a bike. Have I ridden it any in the last two years? Heck no! I want to, but I always have an excuse why I don't.
    Like Kim said, "Just do it"! (I know, easier said than done!)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dad.
    Pug hugs :)

  7. get on that bike! I need to get on one too. We can do it. you don't have to use all ten speeds...I never did even as a kid. Come on, give me the courage!

  8. I understand, I haven't ridden a bike in ages and I've been reluctant to get on one. I always say next year , only I'm getting older all the time. But seriously, you have a bike, get on it and try it. I want to see a picture of you on the bike. JB


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