Sunday, November 14, 2010


Life sends us surprises when we least expect it.  Life also sends cherry pitts as well and that's typically the end of receiving that I'm on!

Today however, I went out for a walk to enjoy the beautiful Arizona sunshine.

As I strolled along a path I stopped to take in the gorgeous views when all of a sudden I heard something in the bush in front of me.  Not six feet away from me I found myself face to face with a Roadrunner.

He wasn't afraid of me at all and just stood there as if to say, "Well come on take my picture and get it over with".  I was so shocked I fumbled around for what seemed forever trying to get my phone out of my pocket.  Of course, the picture didn't take well and the elusive bird took off right after I snapped it.

He was so much larger than he looks in the photo.  His coloring and markings were unique I thought, but then I've never been that close to one of these rare birds before.  They used to be quite prolific in Arizona but now are unusual to see.   

Pretty excited to have been on the 'surprise' side of life today and not the 'pitts'!


  1. I am happy for your little surprise. Beep Beep. lol isn't that what he used to say in the cartoons? Have a good night.

  2. Very cool. The only road runner I have ever seen was with Wylie Coyote!

  3. LOL...I loved the roadrunner cartoons when I was a kid. I can remember my hearing my dad laughing soooo hard at the stupid coyote always getting outdone by the roadrunner! It was a neat surprise to get to close to one. This is the second one that I have seen in the five winters I have lived here.

  4. ps...Kim love your thrift store finds. I couldn't find anywhere to leave a comment on your site though!

  5. Karen ~
    I think you meant on Lisa's blog. I had that same problem with her blog, but if you put your cursor over the area where you would normally leave a comment, it lights up and you can click on it!
    What fun to come up close and personal with a roadrunner :)
    Beep, beep!

  6. I hadn't seen that roadrunner since I last saw him running in the cartoon when the kids were young. I'm glad that you had your cell phone handy. It's a cool picture even though not perfect. Thanks for sharing. Now, he's a popular roadrunner because he's on the web. JB


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