Thursday, November 18, 2010


I readily admit I have personal space issues.  

Clearly I start to feel uncomfortable when someone I don't know gets within an arms' length of me.  My arm not theirs!  I don't know if the hair on the back of my neck actually raises or something else sets off an alarm in my mind.  Warning, warning.....unknown subject getting too close for comfort!!! 

Moving in closer than my arm's length and I begin to get upset with people's rudeness.  Caution, caution....stranger danger!

I realize that everyone has different lengths of personal space and I try to take that into consideration but I wonder, how close is close enough?  Also, I think there are different depths of personal space that are or are not appropriate.     Like when driving ones car, how close is comfortable when someone is behind you, maybe even tailgating, or their grocery cart is running over your toe?  Some violations are even unavoidable such as when you are stuffed in an airplane and the person next to you is hogging the armrests and his or her arm seems to be resting comfortably against yours!  YICK!!!  Get it off me!!!

Something that nearly puts me over the top often occurs in restaurants, mostly fast food or cafe types, is an employee sweeping the floor right next to me when I'm eating!!!!  EXCUSE ME!!!!   

Do they not realize they are stirring up dust and yuck and that people don't want that stuff in their food????  Or am I the only one that feels that way?  I try to talk myself out of getting upset over it or saying something rude or offensive to the sweeper.  I realize they are employees and have a job to do that someone a pay grade or two above them has said must be done, but really?  Right beside someone while they are eating?  I've even had them reach their broom or floor vac right under the very table I am eating at.  

I'm just suggesting that there might be other ways to accomplish this task for your demanding boss and still accommodate customers.  Like.....wait till the customer leaves and then sweep around that table maybe?  I'm sorry if this idea causes your chore to become a sort of patchwork sweep job doing sections of the restaurant rather than one big sweep.  And, yes it probably takes a bit longer to do it that way, but trust me, your customers will be happier and have enjoyed a peaceful meal.  At least I think they will?  Or is it just me that seems to be bothered by this??

Hmmm.....I suppose I could be sounding a bit odd, over the top or crazy right about now?!?!   Perhaps I should give my idiosyncrasies a once over and rethink my position.   Nah......I'm cool with this one!  

What about you?


  1. I live in a house filled with dog fur. No matter how hard I try it just never ends. I have never noticed sweepers but then again I work with children and I'm coughed and sneezed on on a regular basis.

  2. Ooohhh I'm so with you on this one!
    What about the people that reach out and want to rub you while they talk to you?? Kind of like they are petting you! Euwww Creapy!
    I could go on and on........

  3. Kitchen Window.....I too live with dogs and cats and hair and don't mind that a bit. It's just the dirt on a restaurant floor that gets me! What is it...who's is it!! hah....I'm nuts!
    p.s. I have linked your blog to mine, love your recipes!

  4. My space,get out! Yes, I am that way, too. Huggers, touchers and air kissers also bother me.

  5. Standing in line at a checkout and the person behind you is trying to climb up your back. GET AWAY..............

  6. I like my space and I respect others space too while waiting my turn at the cash register or waiting in line. I get sick to my stomach when someone sits besides me while they reek of body odor. Yuck, double yuck. JB

  7. You don't sound odd at all. I feel the same about everything your talking about. I have serious personal space issues. The one that always gets me the most is standing in line at the store and someone getting right up in my space, pushing thier way closer and closer and there is no where to go. ICK! It freaks me out.

    Carmen and the Primcats


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