Sunday, November 28, 2010


This hasn't been the best of days, but I know that there are no guarantees in life that every day will be wonderful.  My mom used to always remind us kids of that fact. 

I woke up to find that dad was sick.  My brother said he heard him in the bathroom several times last night getting ill.  I won't go into graphic details but it hasn't been pretty.  In fact, I've been cleaning, bleaching, laundering, most of the day.  I also had to put dad in the shower to get him cleaned up.  This particular task is something I had never wanted to do, but knew the time would come.  I am lucky to have someone that comes in three times a week to shower him.  Unfortunately, today was not one of the days, she was here yesterday.   

My baby brother was no help either.  He gags at the slightest unpalatable odor and will even pass out at the sight of blood or a needle.  Actually, he had to leave the house it was so bad.  Of course, this is a small house so.....

The weather wasn't good either, cold, gloomy and sometimes rainy which didn't help either.   On my run out to the grocery to pick up Lysol, Germ X and so forth, I stopped to take a few pictures of the Superstition Mountains of which the southern end is right across the road from our house.  I have a connection with those mountains, I love them and think they are beautiful no matter what the weather is, so in fact, they kind of cheered me up!  

You can't even see the tops of the mountain because the clouds are so low.  When it gets colder out here, and it does, we sometimes get snow on the top of the Superstitions.  

At any rate, I think this mountain range is beautiful and even though dad was sick and the weather wasn't great, and the day has been a bust, and Kurt leaves us tomorrow..........I enjoyed the peace I got from snapping these few shots.  

Hope you find beauty in them too.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I'm so sorry that your Dad is sick. Hopefully he will recover quickly. It is indeed a worry when they are older. Getting dehydrated etc. is a worry too. Get some rest yourself if you can.
    The mountains there are beautiful. I can certainly see why you take comfort in them and find peace in their presence. Thanks for taking and sharing such beautiful shots!
    Cathy G

  2. Karen, I hope your Dad starts to feel better quickly. I totally understand as that scene has played out in this house a few times with Mom. We do things we never thought we would have the strength to do.
    Hope things improve for you tomorrow.

  3. Karen ~
    I do hope Dad is feeling better. The mountains are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I bet it's not too often rainy. How wonderful that in spite of your lousy day you still found the beauty in them.
    Bigs hugs to you :)

  4. I never thought I could take care of my in-laws like that, but I did, and I'm glad I did looking back now. Hope he gets to feeling better soon and you don't get sick.

  5. Karen I hope that your dad will feel better soon. He's lucky to have you to care for him.

    I took care of my Mom at her home before she was admitted to palliative care and although she was dying she still had her clear mind and it must have been very humiliating for her to have to depend on us girls to take care of her hygiene needs. Hugs, Julia


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