Friday, December 10, 2010


Ok, so I know that it's the Christmas Season and everyone is baking, buying presents, putting up decorations and blogging about it too.  Everyone but me that is!

This is my fifth Christmas away from home since my mom passed and Christmas has never been the same since.   It used to be such a big deal going to mom and dad's on Christmas morning for presents and breakfast.  My brother's and I and all our children would hurry 'home' not wanting to be the last to arrive or that family would have to do clean up detail.  Their tree was always piled high with wrapped and glittering treasures waiting to be torn open.  Even though we didn't know it would be our last, my siblings and I were all in our 40's and 50's when we celebrated the last Christmas there. Those days, I honestly don't know who was more excited, us the adults, or our children living what we experienced as kids. 

At my own house, I couldn't wait to pick our tree, then get it home and decorate.  Years ago, I used to be a florist and my tree was always, 'decorated'!  I loved having a different themed Christmas tree each year.  Picking out just the right tree was as much fun as decorating.  We would go to a nearby tree farm that had animals, a log cabin full of primitive goodies to buy and a huge fireplace to warm oneself by. Snow and cold and hot chocolate made it perfect.   

But, on to present day and Arizona is NOT Indiana and sometimes it's hard to get excited about the season when a Santa hat decorates a cactus.  

I mean......I know the Christmas spirit is here, you can see decorated houses everywhere.  People seem to be rushing to and fro just like they do back home.  My neighbor will soon be baking goodies that make her house smell like some place I never want to leave!

The problem is, dad and I are out here by ourselves.  I've suggested to him that we fly home for the Holidays but he has no interest in doing so.  In fact, I know he would suffer in the cold and each time we fly it gets harder and harder on him.   My brothers and their families stay at home in Indiana, the airfare and fighting travel is just too much and I understand.  But.....boy it sure gets lonely and it really doesn't seem like Christmas to me in the least.  In trying not to say this too loudly.....I am glad when it's over!

Gosh.....I really sound like Scrooge or the Grinch.  I really don't want to be a bah humbug!


  1. I feel a little Grinchy at times too. I agree it must seem strange to be so far from the rest of your family. I hope you and your Dad find a little holiday spirit soon.

  2. I can't find the spirit, either.

  3. Karen, Nothing ever stays the same. My house used to be the bee hive of activity at Christmas with everyone coming here. My daughter from Scotland and the the one from Ottawa with husband and his mother from Prince Edward Island, my other daughter and her family and my son and his family and good friends who couldn't be with their family for Christmas. Now things have changed and it's getting harder to get into the spirit of Christmas simply because there is way too much stuff out there and it's has become a real chore to buy just the right gift.

    I'm still not in a buying mode yet and Christmas is only 2 weeks away and you know what, two weeks goes real fast when you spend time on the computer. The spirit of Christmas is in the heart and not in the store or decorations but that's where we look for it.

    I hope that you share with us some of your good memories of Christmas past. JB

  4. It sounds like you are a tad homesick. I hope you feel better very soon. You have had a full plate lately and I can't imagine it has been to easy. Take care.

  5. are right, nothing ever stays the same and I know this but sometimes I just wish it would!

    I do miss the family although since mom passed, it's changed dynamics significantly so, I guess I just miss what used to be. I don't miss the weather back home, I do love it out here, but sometimes, I feel like life as I knew it has just slipped away.

  6. losing a parent makes christmas very tough, i know. that said, i do love the santa hat on the cactus!

  7. Hi Laurie! I confess, I get a chuckle when I see all the santa hats around here on cacti!!


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