Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I came across this old photo that my cousin sent me.

Seems rather appropriate since I'm having trouble getting into Christmas Present because I'm missing Christmas past.

(from L to R - Keven, Karen & Kurt Kirby, cousins Kim & Teri Ballard)

I don't like to post pictures of me but there I am, the tall one with the horrible posture.  My mom always fussed at me to stand up straight.  I hated it then....but would love to be able to hear her say it again.  

Dad and I were watching tv last night and a commercial came on for the book, Twas The Night Before Christmas.  It has the ability to record one's voice and in the ad, two young grandchildren are listening to their grandmother's recorded voice reading it to them.  Wow, new technology!!  

Mom ALWAYS read Twas The Night Before Christmas  to us right before we went to bed on Christmas Eve.  I carried that tradition on to my children well past the age when they wanted to be read to, until they were no longer home on Christmas Eve's. 

Even though I have no grandchildren, I think I am going to go out and buy two of those books, record myself reading and give one to my son and daughter.  I don't think they will appreciate the sentiment yet, but someday they will........ I know.  

I would give just about anything to hear my mom read that story to me again.


  1. Oh this post is tearing me up. My mother always read that story to us on Christmas eve just before they tucked us in and I did the same with my children.
    By the way..I remember you when you looked like that. You look cute...I will not even share the goofy a@% pictures of me on Christmas in "the line up" for the Christmas card photo.

  2. Karen,
    Those old photos are priceless! Isn't that part of Christmas present... remembering Christmas' past? You ARE cute in that photo!
    BTW how is that posture these days?! LOL!
    Cathy g

  3. Karen ~
    You're going to make me cry! Thanks for sharing that pictures. Too sweet.
    Big hugs coming your way :)

  4. I think that is a great idea and I am sure your children will treasure the books.

  5. "Seems rather appropriate since I'm having trouble getting into Christmas Present because I'm missing Christmas past." Me too Karen. Some Christmases I am all about the cheer and just can't get enough of it. This year it just isn't happening. Love your old photo up top and I would give just about anything to see my Mom come through our door this Christmas and hear her voice yell "Hi Sweets!". Sweet post, it made me teary. But it puts a smile on my face early this morning. And YES! for sure record your voice in one of the Hallmark books!!

  6. That add was on last night. What a great idea.I think your children will love the sentiment. I no longer have my father and I always miss him more on the holidays.

  7. Kimmy....the posture is no better! I wonder if there are any pics of you at that age back at home....hmmmm. I might have to look when I get back, not fair that you remember me but I don't remember you until I was in High School!!

    Cathyl...your perspective about Christmas present is true, I just need to learn to think like that instead of always missing the past.

    And all....thank you for reading my post. Didn't mean to make anyone get teary eyed. Funny how the post ended up totally different than what I had planned to write about!

  8. I understand completely... My mother has been gone for 5 years and I would give anything to hear her laughter again.


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