Monday, December 27, 2010


Another Christmas has come and gone.  I don't mean to be a 'bah humbug', but for me, I'm actually glad.  I spent the day sleeping, which is something I don't normally do.  I suppose the experts might say it was depression......probably some what.  

However, I have no reason to be depressed.  My family, though not with me, has their health.  I have my health.  I am not really alone, I still have my dad with me and he's not doing all that bad.  I got calls from home and talked to most of the family.  I read all of my favorite blogs regaling wonderful tales of Christmas.  Plus....I am sure I got some badly needed extra sleep.  So all in all, not a bad day. 

Yesterday, I got right back at it with a dog to board and groom.  Today, I have been busy cutting and sewing the "Adopt Me" bandanas I make to help rescued animals find a new 'furever' home.  If you haven't seen them before,  they are in my online Etsy store at:

Tomorrow, I have three dogs coming for boarding for about three days and one for grooming.  So it will be a busy week.  

Normally my niece fly's out the day after Christmas and spends a week with me and her grandpa, but not this year.  This year, she is eighteen, a senior, with LOTS of friends and more to do back home in Indiana than visit us.  She is a joy to have around and I am missing her company.  

Since she is not with me this time, I thought I would look back on the hiking excursion that Kaitlin and I took last year after Christmas '09.  It was fun looking at the pictures I took and remembering back to that day!

Our hike began on a cloudy, cool day.  We decided to hike Silly Mountain which is not far from the house.  

A partial shot of Silly Mountain where the climb begins

Beginning of the trail head with the famous 
Ship Rock Mountain in the background.  
The Ship Rock is at the Southern most 
boundary of the Superstition Mountain Range.
  The beginning of the trail is fairly flat.  

  Kaitlin and I both snapped shots of the  landscape which was 
beautiful even though it was a gloomy day. 

 At first, the hill in front of us didn't seem that high.

It wasn't long before we reached a fork in the road.
Guess which one Kaitlin wanted to take?
Yep you guessed it, the Huff & Puff trail!

And boy was it ever huff & puff!
The views were breathtaking and worth it!

It didn't take Kaitlin long to leave her Aunt in 'the dust' so to speak!

She, being young and fit, AND a rock climber, had no 
problem navigating the slippery shale rock paths.
Me, being old and unfit, was just a tad bit slower 
and more careful with my footing!

The higher we got, the colder and winder it became.
The distance one could see was incredible.  

There is actually a path that takes you around 
to the other side of this outcropping.  
You can see a portion of it about mid-way up the left-hand side of this picture.
At this point, I had to admit my limitations and my love for life 
and declined to follow Kaitlin around this next bend.
Irritated with myself for not being able to keep up with a seventeen year-old, 
I sat and caught my breath while she explored the highest peak.  

As we began our descent down Silly Mountain 
(I have yet to learn why it's named such, 
as I kind of wanted to rename it Stupid Mountain!) 
we could see a plume of smoke off in the distance. 
Although you can't see it in this photo, we could occasionally 
see bright orange flames licking up into the air.
Later that night on the news, 
we learned the fire was a warehouse 
burning nearly thirty or fourty miles away.   

Kaitlin and I had a fabulous time traipsing over this Mountain.  We both agreed that we wanted to make this climb again sometime, which I had kind of thought we would do this Christmas.  However, not to be. It is ironic that the weather today is exactly the same as our climb last winter.  And sharing our excursion has allowed me to relive the experience.  I think we hiked Silly Mountain again today in Spirit! 

I highly suggest this hike for anyone that might be visiting in the area.  It is well worth the time and truly not that difficult.   Well......maybe you don't want to take the Huff & Puff trail!!!!


  1. Karen, Sounds like you have a busy week with your furry friends. I hope it is a smooth week for you. Do you ever have trouble with various dogs getting along while they are with you. Do they roam around or are they in kennels? I hope you have a nice week. Lisa

  2. Back home in Indiana, we have a full blown kennel set up. Don't use it much any more except for fosters we take in or for our own dogs. Here in Arizona, I don't have that luxury. The dogs I board most often know each other and get along and can have the run of the house if they don't have accidents. If they do or if it's a new dog that i don't know, then they are confined to the kitchen. And I will take no more than three at a times. In our kennel at home, the most we had at one time was 88 over spring break and it nearly killed us!!! One of the reasons we don't board publicly anymore!! Out here I have a small shed attached to the carport and that's where I do my grooming. It's not fancy but it works!

  3. Karen, I'm so glad that you will have dogs back in your life even though they are only there temporarily. They will bring you some companionship
    and I hope that they will also add some zest to your life.

    Have a great week. Now I'm on to visit your esty site. I should have done that before typing my comment. I'm sure that the Adopt Me bandana are perfect. JB

  4. Karen ~
    Thanks for the hike up Silly Mountain. For me it would probly be Take Your Breath Away Mountain While You Huff & Puff. I am so out of shape it's sinful!
    88 dogs at one time??? OMG! That's a lot of dogs.
    I hope you have fun with the furbabies you are watching.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. p.s. Lisa...I tried to make a comment on your blog about Carly but it wouldn't let me!! Finches and a sporting breed dog??? Yeah, she can't help it!!!

  6. Sorry you missed the hike with your niece. It looks beautiful. I was wondering why it was called Silly Mountain too. You deserve a little rest. Caregiving can take a toll.

  7. Let me tell you, yesterday I never got dressed, stayed in my pajamas and I talked to my niece's aunt on the phone for an hour in the evening and she said she still hadn't gotten dressed all don't feel alone...we must all be depressed!

  8. Hi Karen,
    Here's a dumb question..... do you have to worry about rattle snakes while you are hiking those mountains? The terrain is certainly beautiful. I'm afraid I wouldn't have made it too far either! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!
    I know the feelings of loneliness you speak of over the Holidays. Last year was a difficult one for me. My Mom was still needing so much care and I was just plain tired out and thyroid issues too. Kim is right, you deserve a rest and don't ever feel guilty about that!
    I wished I lived closer to you! I desperately need a new dog groomer! The gal who groomed Smokey and Max for eight years quit grooming a couple of months ago. I am grooming them myself but they go to the vet to get their nails clipped. The little rascals fight me to the end with the nail clipping but do pretty well for the rest. I was a beautician in a former life..... but dog grooming is a whole different ball game! ( 88 dogs at once? Holy Moly you are one tough lady ;-) !!
    Cathy G

  9. Ummm...yes there is always the ever present rattlesnake. But this time of year they are hibernating so as long as one doesn't reach down a hole or turn over a bunch of rocks, it's not a problem. Yes 88 dogs but it was back when we had kennel help. I live in a remote area where there are several schools in different towns and that year, everyones' spring break fell on the same week. That usually didn't happpen, they were staggered. Nail clipping is often the hardest and is typically when a groomer will get bit. I had a beautician the other day ask me about switching careers to a groomer. The techniques are similar but I always say grooming a dog is like grooming a a snake, they move all the time!! at least a human sits pretty still!!

  10. Beautiful scenery! Don't you hate it when they grow up and kinda grow away. I am kinda glad it's over too. I am itching to get the decorations down :) But I will probably hold off till New Year Day-maybe not.

    88 dogs! Holy Smokes!

  11. Looks like a great hike - I'm sorry your niece didn't make it to go with you again this year. I do love the name of that mountain.

  12. Hi Karen...Wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Also, where in Arizona do you live? We lived in southern Arizona for several years. I don't recognize Silly Mountain at all. Maybe you are in a different part of the state. Okay,well, hope you have a happy new year! Susan

  13. Hi in Gold Canyon, east of Mesa and Apache Junction. Actually about as far east as you can go and still be considered in the valley!!


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